Israeli Army Reprimands Commanders Over Accident


Israeli army's Chief of Staff Benny Gantz reprimanded two naval commanders on Sunday for " command responsibility" over the deaths of two soldiers at a deadly car crash last month.

Army sources say commanders bear general, not personal, responsibility for the incident which resulted in the deaths of two naval officers, reported the Times of Israel.

Captain Omri Shahar, 25, and First-Lieutenant Refael Bublill, 22, were killed after their car collided with a truck on their way back to the southern Ashdod base on June 27. Two other officers were injured.

The findings of the internal military investigation charged that the commanders should not have allowed their soldiers to drive back to the base at 3 a.m..

Gantz concurred with navy Chief Ram Rothberg's recommendations and issued letters of reprimand to the commanders, col. Dror Friedman and an unidentified company commander.

"Responsibility and discipline are crucial elements for a commander, on which he should capitalize when leading his troops," read Gantz's letter.

The chief of staff further instructed appropriate officials to draw disciplinary, cultural and organizational conclusions from the incident and implement them across the military.

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