Pendleton Marines Volunteer to Train Devil Pups


MARINE COPRS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif.   —  Camp Pendleton Marines worked with members of Devil Pups Incorporated to have a group of Devil Pups perform a 25-foot tower jump at the 62 Area pool, July 12.

Devil Pups is a non-profit organization designed to help young children gain self-confidence and learn to take responsibility for their actions.

This event, taking place on training day eight of the 10-day encampment, is a requirement for graduation.

Marines throughout Camp Pendleton volunteered to be instructors and play the role of drill instructor for the Devil Pups.

“I have always wanted to be a drill instructor, and this has given me a glimpse of what it would be like in the drill field,” said Rachael E. Allison, a motor transport operator with 1st Marine Logistics Group, also an instructor for the Devil Pups training encampment.

Similar to Marine Corps recruit training, the instructors are vicious during the beginning phases of training. Throughout the 10 day cycle, the instructors transition from being aggressive and demanding into a mentorship role.

The second phase of training gives the instructors a chance to pass on Marine Corps knowledge and a chance for the Devil Pups to ask questions, said Gunnery Sgt. Miriam M. Jenkins, a bulk fuel specialist with 7th Engineer Support Battalion, and series commander for the Devil Pups training encampment.

“Pups asked a wide variety questions, ranging from our careers, what it takes to become a Marine and what happens after you become a Marine," Jenkins said.

This training was not only a valuable learning experience for the pups, it also gave Marines a chance to catch a glimpse of what their future as drill instructors could entail.

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