Drones Pursue Al-Qaida Militants in Yemen

U.S. drones pursued two al-Qaida militants into the Yemeni province of Aden Monday morning, prompting fear among civilians, military officials said.

With al-Qaida on the run since the liberation of the southern province of Abyan early June, the armed forces backed by American drones have been hunting down terror militants throughout the country.

Residents in Aden worry the drones will bring only destruction to the province, Mareb Press said Monday.

Land mines claimed the life of yet more civilians and soldiers in Abyan, the Yemen Post said Monday, with a total death toll standing at 73 for the month of June alone.

The Yemen Post said Monday clashes in between the armed forces and saboteurs took place in the eastern province of Mareb on Sunday evening when soldiers attempted to prevent an attack against power lines.

Repeated attacks against the Mareb power grid led to a quasi-total blackout in the capital Sanaa with only two hours of electricity per day.

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