Navy Issues Guidance for New Reserve Sailors

Naval officers open a new reserve center
Naval officers open a new reserve center

MILLINGTON, Tenn. -- The Navy announced guidance streamlining the transition from active duty to Selected Reserves (SELRES) through Perform to Serve (PTS) or Early Career Transition Program (ECTP) in a message released June 5.

NAVADMIN 179/12 outlines a new process for active duty and full-time-support Sailors transitioning to the SELRES via PTS or ECTP to receive Navy Personnel Command (NPC)-funded separation orders with an intermediate stop at their requested Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC).

"The benefit is a seamless transition from active duty to the Reserves," said Master Chief Navy Counselor (SW/AW) Joe Mack, NPC Career Transition Office (CTO). "Before Navy established CTO, a Sailor would have to separate from the Navy and contact a Reserve recruiter in order to join the Reserves, which could take months. CTO continues to streamline the process."

According to the message, Sailors who receive a SELRES quota through PTS or ECTP must use Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) to select a NOSC nearest to the area they intend to reside after release from active duty.

Working with their command career counselor, a completed Reserve affiliation screening checklist must be forwarded to CTO to ensure completion of all required enlistment and Reserve affiliation documents prior to the Sailor beginning terminal leave.

Transitioning Sailors who complete this process at least two months prior to separation will receive funded orders from their command to their NOSC where they will complete their release from active duty (separation) processing and Reserve affiliation. Under this process Sailors affiliating with a NOSC greater than 50 miles from their residence are authorized up to three days per diem while completing their active duty to SELRES processing at the NOSC.

"This process will take an active duty Sailor affiliating with the SELRES from their current assignment to their NOSC without a break in service," said Mack.

Failure to comply with the process outlined in the message may cause delays in transitioning and require the Sailor to complete separation processing from their active component command. The Sailor will incur the expense in reporting to their selected NOSC.

The CTO was established under the Navy's continuum of service initiative to ease the transition of personnel from active duty to Reserve billets, decrease transition processing times and error rates, and increase Reserve affiliation among qualified Sailors leaving active duty. Since it's inception CTO has assisted 1,021 enlisted Sailors with their transition from the active duty to the Reserve component.

The Navy Reserve offers a two-year deployment deferment for Sailors who join the Reserve within six months of leaving active duty.

SELRES service requires a minimum commitment of one weekend a month and two weeks every year. However, flexible drilling options may be made available depending upon Reserve unit requirements and procedures.

For more information, read NAVADMIN 179/12 available in the message section at

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