VA Makes Health Apps Available for Android Phones

An airman holds an iphone.
Spending too much time at work on your iPhone is not a good look. (Mark Herlihy/U.S. Air Force photo)

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has recently updated several of their health apps and made them available for those who use mobile devices which are manufactured by companies other than Apple.

Two of the more popular applications recently updated for Android phones are the iBlueButton app and the MyLinks program.

The iBlueButton app lets you download all of your VA, Tricare and Medicare health records onto your mobile device, allowing you to view all your medical information in one place and share it with whomever you wish, including civilian doctors, and family members. You have 24/7 access to a listing of all of your medications, vital signs, medical conditions, allergies, immunizations, lab results, diagnostic tests, medical history and more, all in an easy to navigate application.

The app also gives you personalized health warnings and care guidelines, lists possible drug side effects and interactions and lets you add documents and remarks to your record as you wish.

To download the iBlueButton app, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on your mobile device

The MyLinks program allows you to share your personal medical information from civilian providers as well as personal information from fitness trackers, wearable or mobile devices with your VA medical care team. While the number of civilian doctors participating in the program is somewhat limited, it is expanding on a daily basis.

You can also share data from wearable devices such as Fitbit, Withings, Samsung, Google or Apple; and data contained in fitness applications on your phone such as Google Fit or Apple Health directly with your doctor, assisting them with diagnoses and treatments.

For more information, and to use the program visit the MyLinks website using your mobile device.

"Veterans having access across the board to mobile and web health app services increases interoperability and eases the flow of information, while keeping their personal data secure," said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. "Data security and veteran's consent are essential to maintaining trust and credibility with our stakeholders."

You must have an active MyHealtheVet account to use these programs. To share your information you need to authorize access to their health information using a VA-approved authentication method before an app can access any of your data. You can cancel your participation and remove your data from these programs at any time.

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