VA Health Care: Blindness Rehabilitation

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Blind veterans may be eligible for services at a VA medical center or for admission to a VA blind rehabilitation center or clinic. Services are available at all VA medical facilities through the Visual Impairment Services (VIS) coordinator. In addition, blind veterans entitled to receive disability compensation may receive VA aids for the blind. Aids and services for blind veterans include:

  • A total health and benefits' review by a VA Visual Impairment Services team.
  • Adjustment to blindness training.
  • Improvements and structural alterations to homes.
  • Specially adapted housing and adaptations.
  • Low-vision aids and training in their use.
  • Electronic and mechanical aids for the blind, including adaptive computers and computer-assisted devices.
  • Guide dogs, including the expense of training the veteran to use the dog and the cost of the dog?s medical care.
  • Talking books, tapes, and Braille literature, which are provided from the Library of Congress.

For more information, contact your local VA office (800-827-1000), or visit the Blinded Veterans Association.

You can also check out our webpage listing services for blind and visually impaired veterans.

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