Virgin Islands Veteran Benefits

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The U.S. Virgin Islands offer several veteran benefits. This page explains those benefits.

Education Benefits

Free Tuition

Free tuition is offered for attendance at local public educational institutions and the University of the Virgin Islands. This program is for veterans who entered the Armed Forces while residing in the Virgin Islands.

CELL Program

Free tuition is offered for attendance at the University of the Virgin Islands to participate in the CELL program (Community Engagement & Lifelong Learning). This program is for Veterans who entered the militry while residing in the Virgin Islands.

Financial Benefits

Homestead Tax Exception

Homestead tax exemption of up to $650.00 from the Real Property Tax Bill is offered to veterans on their primary home. 

State Employment Preference

A 10 point preference is added to a veteran's score on local civil service tests. Disabled veterans get 15 points added.

Other Local Benefits

Burial Plot and Expenses

A maximum burial allowance of $3,500 and a free burial plot in the local cemeteries is offered to veterans who are residents and entered the military while residing in the Virgin Islands.

Emergency Ambulance Service

Free emergency ambulance service to all veterans residing in the Virgin Islands.

Reimbursement for medical travel

100% reimbursement for off island travel for non-service connected veterans with a VA medical appointment.

License Plates

Free license plates to all veterans residing in the Virgin Islands

Visit the Virgin Islands Government Website for more information on any of these programs.

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