Oklahoma State Veteran's Benefits

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The state of Oklahoma provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

Oklahoma Veteran Housing Benefits

State Veterans Center
The following are state nursing homes located in Oklahoma:

  • Ardmore--175 nursing care beds
  • Claremore--302 nursing care beds
  • Clinton--148 nursing care beds--8 domiciliary beds
  • Lawton--200 nursing care beds
  • Norman--301 nursing care beds
  • Sulphur--122 nursing care beds
  • Talihina--175 nursing care beds

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Oklahoma Veteran Financial Benefits

Property Tax Exemption
Tax Exemption for 100% Disabled Veterans for sales tax, excise tax, and ad valorem tax (Spouse included for ad valorem tax only)

Income Tax on Military Pay
The first $1,500.00 of military salary is tax-exempt.

Income Tax on Retirement Benefits
The greater of 75% of retirement pay or $10,000 is tax exempt. 

Sales Tax Exemption
Veterans who are rated 100% permanently and totally disabled by the VA are exempt from state sales tax.

Oklahoma Financial Assistance Program
A program to provide financial aid to Veterans, their Spouses, Widows, and Children who are experiencing an emergency due to an interruption or loss of job and income resulting from illness, injury or disaster such as loss of home due to fire, flood or storm. Unemployment not resulting from the above cannot be considered a reason for granting emergency funds. These funds are designed for one-time emergency aid and not as recurring source of income. Financial Assistance funds are to be used only for the actual necessities of food, rent and utilities for Veterans and their dependents. The funds cannot be used for old debts, doctor or hospital bills, car payment, etc.

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Oklahoma Veteran Employment Benefits

Veterans Preference
In establishing employment lists of eligible persons for competitive and noncompetitive appointment, certain preferences shall be allowed for veterans honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States.

1.  Five points shall be added to the final grade of any person who has passed the examination and has submitted proof of having status as a veteran or unremarried surviving spouse of a veteran.

2.  Ten points shall be added to the final grade of any war veteran of the Oklahoma Statutes who has passed the examination and has submitted proof of having a service-connected disability as certified by the Veterans Administration or Agency of the Defense Department within six months of date of application.

3.  In addition to the 10 points preference such eligible war veterans who are in receipt of benefits payable at the rate of 30% or more because of the service-connected disability, shall be considered Absolute Preference Veterans. Their names shall be placed at the top of the register, ranked in order of their examination scores. Absolute Preference Veterans shall not be denied employment and passed over for others without showing cause.

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Oklahoma State Recreation Benefits

Hunting And Fishing Permit For Disabled Veterans
Free hunting and fishing permit for legal resident veterans having a disability of 60% or more exempt from the Wildlife Land Stamp requirements;

Legal residents having proper certification from the VA certifying that the person is a disabled veteran may purchase a disability lifetime combination hunting/fishing license. The fees for the license are:

  • $200 for veterans having a disability of LESS THAN 60%;
  • $25.00 for veterans having a disability of 60% OR MORE.  (The $25.00 license provides some additional tags not included in the free permit.)

Persons with a VA certified 100% disabled veterans are exempt from the fees for:

  • the DEER GUN HUNTING License;

Hunting And Fishing License For Nonresident Military
All nonresident active duty military personnel, along with their dependents, can purchase any annual resident license issued by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Free Admission To State Owned Or Operated Parks & Museums
All honorably discharged Veterans who are currently Oklahoma residents shall be allowed free admission to all state-owned or state-operated parks and museums.

Visit the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs website for more information on any of these programs.

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