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The state of North Dakota provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

North Dakota Veteran Housing Benefits

Veterans Home
The North Dakota Veterans Home, located in Lisbon, North Dakota, consists of 111 basic care and 38 skilled nursing beds. The Veterans Home was established to provide service to an eligible veteran who is:

  • A bona fide resident of North Dakota for at least one year; or
  • Served in a North Dakota regiment (activated N. D. National Guard); or
  • Entered the Armed Forces as a North Dakota resident; or
  • Is the spouse or surviving spouse of above veteran.

Application may be made through any County Veterans Service Officer.

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North Dakota Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Taxes
If you are a North Dakota resident who is a National Guard or Reserve member mobilized for federal active duty, you are allowed to deduct your federal active duty compensation in calculating your North Dakota taxable income. Combat pay, training pay, and some other pays are not deductible.

Hardship Grant
The purpose of this assistance is to provide monies to give aid and comfort to veterans and their spouses, or unremarried widow/widowers of eligible veterans.

The individual must have an emergency need of dental work, eye glasses, hearing aids, transportation for medical treatment, or any special need approved by the Commissioner of Veterans Affairs.

Grant available for ND Veterans with PTSD
North Dakota Veterans suffering from PTSD may now apply for a grant which may provide them with a specially trained Service Dog. PTSD service dogs have proven to greatly assist Veterans in returning to a more normal life and reintegrating back into their community.To meet the minimum qualifications for a PTSD service dog the Veteran must be a North Dakota resident, have a diagnosis of PTSD, be engaged in counseling or therapy and have a doctor’s recommendation for a PTSD Service Dog. All qualified Veterans are urged to apply. 

Loan Program
The Veterans Aid Fund is a permanent fund to be used solely for the purpose of making loans to veterans or their widow/widowers.

To qualify, the applicant is required to be a: peacetime veteran, wartime veteran or, National Guard with active duty, or unremarried widow/widower of eligible veteran; a citizen and resident of North Dakota for at least one year, and have the financial ability to make payments.

The maximum loan amount is $5,000. The interest rate is 8% per annum. Time limit can be from six months to 48 months.

Disabled Veterans (VA rating 50% or more)
A disabled veteran of the United States armed forces with an armed forces service-connected disability of 50% or greater or a disabled veteran who has an extra-schedular rating to include individual unemployability that brings the veteran's total disability rating to 100% as determined by the VA, who was discharged under honorable conditions or who has been retired from the armed forces of the United States, or the unremarried surviving spouse if the disabled veteran is deceased, is eligible for a credit applied against the first $6,750 of taxable valuation ($150,000 true value) of the fixtures, buildings, and improvements of the homestead owned and occupied by the disabled veteran or unremarried surviving spouse equal to the percentage of the disabled veteran's disability compensation rating for service-connected disabilities as certified by the Department of Veterans' Affairs for the purpose of applying for a property tax exemption. An unremarried surviving spouse who is receiving Department of Veterans' Affairs dependency and indemnity compensation receives a one hundred percent exemption.

Property tax exemption for paraplegic and permanent and totally disabled wheelchair bound veterans
The home of a permanently and totally disable veteran who is either paraplegic or permanently confined to a wheelchair is exempt from the first $120,000 of valuation for property taxes. This applies to the unremarried surviving spouse in case of death.

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North Dakota Employment Benefits

Veterans are entitled to preference, over all other applicants, in appointment or employment by governmental agencies, provided that such Veteran is a United States citizen at the time of application for employment. Veterans qualified for preference may not be disqualified from holding any position with an agency because of physical or mental disability, unless the disability renders them unable to properly perform the duties of the position applied for.

North Dakota Veterans' preference criteria are the same as Federal guidelines, generally a 5 point preference for a veteran and a 10 point preference for a disabled veteran.

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North Dakota Education Benefits

Veterans Educational Training (VET) is a free program of study funded by the state of North Dakota to prepare you for a certification program, two-year or four-year college degree. We will work to help you succeed in post-secondary education through classes and programs designed to ease the transition into life in higher education. Our classes are located on campus, or are available online to individuals outside a campus location.

Veterans Educational Training provides
  • Refresher course work
  • Basic mathematics through pre-calculus
  • English composition and literature 
  • Computer skills
  • Study skills
  • Academic and career guidance
  • College enrollment assistance
  • VA Vocational Rehabilitation assistance
  • Financial aid application
  • Agency referrals
  • Department of Veterans Affairs benefit advocacy
  • U.S. Citizens
  • Any North Dakota veteran planning on attending a North Dakota school
  • Veterans who have served a minimum of 181 days or received a service disability under 181 days
  • Any discharge other than dishonorable

Free Tuition to qualified Dependents in North Dakota Institution of Higher Education.
Any dependent of a resident veteran who was killed in action or died from wounds or other service-connected causes, was totally disabled as a result of service-connected causes, died from service-connected disabilities, was a prisoner of war, or was declared missing in action, upon being duly accepted for enrollment into any North Dakota state-supported institution of higher education or state-supported technical or vocational school, must be allowed to obtain a bachelor's degree or certificate of completion, for so long as the dependent is eligible, free of any tuition and fee charges.... provided that the bachelor's degree or certificate of completion is earned within a forty-five month or ten semester period or its equivalent; and further that tuition and fee charges shall not include costs for aviation flight charges or expenses.

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North Dakota Veteran Recreation Benefits

ND State Park Fees For Disabled Veterans
North Dakota veterans with a 50 percent or greater, service-related disability and former POWs are eligible for a free annual permit. All other North Dakota veterans with service related disabilities are eligible to receive an annual permit for $20. 

Game License For Disabled Veterans
A resident disabled veteran can get a combined general game, habitat stamp, small game, and fur-bearer license for $3.00, with an additional $1.00 fee to purchase the resident certificate. Veterans must have a 100% service-connected disability or have an extra-schedular rating to bring the total ratio to 100%.

Fishing License For Disabled Veterans
$5.00 (plus a $1.00 fee to purchase the certificate) for a resident fishing license if a resident disabled veteran has a fifty percent service-connected disability as determined by the VA or has an extra-schedular rating to include individual unemployability that brings the veteran's total disability ratio to fifty percent.

Residents Active Duty Deer License
A resident of North Dakota who is on active duty outside the state, and shows proof of North Dakota residency, including a driver's license number or a non-driver photo identification number from this state, and who pays the appropriate licensing fee, is eligible for a deer gun season license without having to participate in the lottery.

North Dakota residents who were on federal active duty with the U.S. Armed Forces under Title 10, stationed outside of the state during the previous year's deer gun season, and who received the expeditionary medal or campaign badge, and submit an application and appropriate license fee by the deer gun application deadline, are eligible for one white-tailed deer gun license in the unit of their choice, without having to participate in the lottery. Applications received after the deer gun deadline will be issued licenses based on availability.

Resident Hunting Fishing Or Trapping Without A License
Upon presentation of valid leave papers and a valid North Dakota operator's license, a resident who is on leave and is an active duty may hunt small game, fish, or trap during the open season without a license.

Operation Black Hills Cabin
The purpose of Operation Black Hills Cabin is to offer a week-long respite to qualifying wounded Veterans and their Families from the Iraq/Afghanistan campaign at little to no expense to them (except for transportation). The operation offers a variety of events throughout the year, such as cook-offs, hikes, and fishing tournaments.

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Other North Dakota State Veteran Benefits

The veterans transportation system is designed to aid veterans in transportation to a Veterans Hospital. Currently, there are 5 vans on scheduled routes bringing veterans to Fargo, North Dakota or Miles City, Montana. The cost of this program is underwritten in part by the Post War Trust Fund.

ND Veterans Cemetery
The North Dakota Veteran's Cemetery was established by an act of the 1989 Legislative Assembly. The cemetery was opened in July 1992, and is operated by the Adjutant General of North Dakota. It is located 6.5 miles south of Mandan on Highway 1806 on a 35 acre tract of land in the southwest corner of Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.

Visit the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs Website for more information about any of these programs.

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