North Dakota State Veteran Benefits

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The state of North Dakota provides several veteran benefits. This page explains those benefits. 

North Dakota Veterans Home

The North Dakota Veterans Home is located in Lisbon. Honorably discharged North Dakota veterans and their spouses are eligible for admission. Costs are based on income. 

North Dakota Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Taxes

Active-duty and reservist pay for North Dakota residents is tax-free beginning in the 2023 tax year.

Retired pay and Survivor Benefit Plan payments are tax-free.

Veterans Aid Fund

The purpose of the Veterans' Aid Fund is to make loans to any veteran and to a surviving spouse of a veteran if the spouse has not remarried. A qualified applicant may be permitted to receive more than one loan providing the total amount of all loans does not exceed $5,000.

Hardship Grant

Available for veterans, their spouses and un-remarried surviving spouses. You must have an emergency need of dental work, glasses, hearing aids, transportation for medical treatment, or other needs approved by the commissioner of Veterans Affairs.

PTSD Grant

North Dakota Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder can get a grant to help afford a PTSD service dog. You must be a North Dakota resident, have a diagnosis of PTSD, be engaged in counseling or therapy and have a doctor’s recommendation for a PTSD service dog. 

Property Tax Deduction

Honorably discharged veterans with a VA disability of at least 50% are eligible for a property tax deduction. The amount of the deduction increases based on disability percentage.

Un-remarried surviving spouses are also eligible.

North Dakota Veterans Preference

Veterans get preference for state employment. North Dakota veterans preference criteria are generally a 5-point preference for a veteran and a 10-point preference for a disabled veteran.

North Dakota Education Benefits

Veterans Educational Training (VET) 

Available to honorably discharged North Dakota veterans, VET is a free program of study funded by the state of North Dakota to prepare you for a certification program or a two- or four-year college degree. The program provides refresher training as well as training in English, computers, math, and study skills.

Dependent Tuition Waiver

The waiver is available to dependents of resident veterans who were killed in action or died from wounds or other service-connected causes, or were totally disabled as a result of service-connected causes.

The dependent can attend any North Dakota state school and not pay any tuition or fees. The dependent must earn a degree or certificate within 45 months or 10 semesters.

National Guard Tuition Waiver Program

If you are a member in good standing of the North Dakota National Guard you can may receive up 35% of your tuition costs waived at certain institutions in the state.

North Dakota Veteran Recreation Benefits

ND State Park Fees For Disabled Veterans

North Dakota veterans with a 50% or greater VA disability and former POWs are eligible for a free annual permit.

All other North Dakota veterans with service-related disabilities are eligible to receive an annual permit for $20. 

Disabled Veteran Game License

North Dakota resident 100% disabled veterans can get a combined general game, habitat stamp, small game, and fur-bearer license for $3, with an additional $1 fee to purchase the resident certificate.

Disabled Veteran Fishing License

North Dakota resident 50% or greater disabled veterans can get a fishing license for $5 (plus a $1 fee to purchase the certificate).

Active-Duty Hunting & Fishing

North Dakota residents on active duty can hunt and fish without a license while on leave.

North Dakota Veterans Cemetery

The North Dakota Veterans Cemetery is located near Mandan. Veterans and their spouses are eligible for burial. There is no charge for the veteran. A small fee is charged for the spouse. You don't have to be a North Dakota resident. 

Visit the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs Website for more information about any of these programs.

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