Mississippi State Veteran Benefits

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The state of Mississippi provides several veteran benefits. This page explains those benefits. 

Mississippi State Veterans Homes

Mississippi operates four state veterans homes. The homes are in Collins, Jackson, Kosciusko and Oxford.

Mississippi residents with an other-than-dishonorable discharge may be eligible for admission.

Spouses of veterans who live in the home may also be eligible for admission.

Out-of-state veterans may be admitted if there are no Mississippi residents waiting to accept a bed.

There is no charge for veterans with a single rating of 70% or more or those rated 100% disabled or unemployable by the VA. There may also be assistance available for indigent veterans.

Mississippi Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Tax

Military retired pay and Survivor Benefit Plan payments are tax-free.

Ad Valorem Tax

Veterans with a service-connected, total disability and an honorable discharge from military service are exempt from all ad valorem taxes on the assessed value of their home. Their un-remarried surviving spouses can also claim this exemption.

Mississippi Veterans' Home Purchase Board

The Veterans' Home Purchase Board provides low interest mortgage loans up to $400,000 for eligible veterans and unmarried surviving spouses to purchase an existing single family home or to construct a new home.

The veteran must have been a Mississippi resident prior to entering active duty or be a resident for two consecutive years prior to applying for the loan.

The veteran must have a Certificate of Eligibility for a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs loan and have an honorable discharge.

The un-remarried surviving spouse of eligible persons who died as a result of service or service-connected injuries qualifies, as well as the un-remarried spouse of any eligible veteran who has not purchased a home since the veteran's death.

Mississippi Veteran Employment Preference

Eligible veterans who indicate their veteran status on their state employment application are listed at the top of the list of eligible applicants, with disabled veterans at the very top.

Mississippi Veteran Recreation Benefits

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Veterans who have a total service-connected disability from the VA are not required to purchase a hunting or fishing license, but must have proof of age, residency and disability status while hunting or fishing.

Concealed Weapon Permit Fee Exemption

Any veteran with a service-connected disability is exempt from concealed weapon permit fees and renewal fees.

The veteran must be a resident of the state for 12 months or longer immediately preceding the filing of the application. The residency requirement may be waived if the veteran has a valid permit from another state; is an active military member stationed in Mississippi; or is a retired law enforcement officer establishing residency in the state.

Mississippi State Veterans Memorial Cemeteries

Mississippi has two veterans cemeteries. The cemeteries are in Kilmichael and Newton.

Veterans, their spouses and eligible dependent children can be buried in the cemetery.

Burial for veterans is free. A fee must be paid to bury non-veteran spouses and eligible dependent children. 

Visit the Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board website for more information on any of these programs.

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