Kentucky Commonwealth Veteran's Benefits

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The commonwealth of Kentucky provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

Kentucky Veteran Housing Benefits

Commonwealth Veterans Long Term Care Facilities
Kentucky has 4 long-term care facilities:

  • Eastern Kentucky Veterans Center - Hazard
  • Radcliff Veterans Center - Opening July 2016
  • Thompson-Hood Veterans Center - Wilmore
  • Western Kentucky Veterans Center - Hanson

Veterans must be Kentucky residents with an other-than-dishonorable discharge to be admitted. Costs are based on a veteran's ability to pay.

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Kentucky Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Tax Exemptions
Military income is not taxed. Military retirement pay is tax-exempt if retired before January 1, 1998 and partially exempt if retired after December 31, 1997.

Kentucky Veteran Employment Benefits

Commonwealth Employment Preference Points
 In accordance with Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 18A.150, Veterans’ Preference provides veterans, and in some instances their family members, opportunities to receive interviews in the selection process for merit employment within state government agencies. Veterans must have been granted an Honorable or General Discharge to receive this status.  As with all job seekers, veterans must meet minimum requirements for a job before an interview can be offered.

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Kentucky Veteran Education Benefits

Tuition Waiver Program
A waiver of tuition is an education benefit provided by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in recognition of military service of certain Kentucky veterans. The tuition waiver is provided for children, stepchildren, adopted children, spouses, and unremarried widows & widowers. An approved tuition waiver means a student may attend any two-year, four-years schools or vocational technical schools that are operated and funded by the Kentucky Department of Education. Kentucky residency is a requirement for both the veteran and the applicant. A deceased veteran must have been a Kentucky resident at the time of death.

You may qualify if one of the following is true of the veteran:

- Died on active duty.
- Died as a direct result of a service connected disability as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
- 100% service connected disabled.
- Totally disabled (non-service connected) with wartime service.
- Upon the death of any veteran who served during a wartime period.

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Kentucky Veteran Recreation Benefits

Hunting, Trapping, or Fishing Licenses
Kentucky veterans with 50% of more service connected disability are authorized a discounted license.

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Other Kentucky Commonwealth Veteran Benefits

Special Military-related License Plates
Kentucky veterans may qualify for special licenses based on their service or affiliation.

Burial Honors
KDVA helps implement and assist Veterans Service Organizations with Burial Honors Programs. Any Veterans Service Organization seeking a stipend for providing honors should contact our Burial Honors Program Coordinator, (888) 724-7683. Certification of Veterans Service Organizations performing Burial Honors by the National Guard, Ft. Knox or Ft. Campbell has been suspended as a result of operational requirements brought about by current world events.

Commonwealth Veterans Cemeteries
Kentucky Veterans Cemeteries are located in Hopkinsville, Fort Knox, Williamstown, and Greenup County.

Visit the Kentucky Dept. of Veterans' Affairs website for more information on any of these programs.

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