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The state of Idaho provides several veteran benefits. This page explains them.

Idaho Veteran Housing Benefits

There are three state veterans homes in Idaho: Boise, Lewiston, and Pocatello. Applicants may be peacetime or wartime veterans, with wartime veterans retaining priority admission status. Applicants must have been discharged under honorable conditions and be an Idaho resident.  Applicants must be unemployable as a result of age, illness, or disability, and must apply for and be eligible for Medicaid benefits or must pay a monthly fee.

Idaho Veteran Financial Benefits

State Income Tax

When stationed outside the State of Idaho, active duty personnel are exempt from Idaho state income tax.

Military retirement is not taxed for retirees and unremarried surviving spouses for retirees over 65 or those over 62 and disabled.

Financial Assistance

Provides up to a $1,000 grant, in cases of extreme emergency, to wartime veterans in need of assistance. Must have entered the military from Idaho, or lived within the state for at least 5 years. The event or emergency must have occurred within 90 days of the request.

Idaho Veteran State Employment Preference

Idaho state employment gives preference points for active duty veterans. Honorably discharged veterans get 5 preference points, disabled veterans get 10 preference points. Unremarried surviving spouses can get the same points as the veteran.

Idaho Veteran Recreation Benefits

Idaho State Parks Veterans Pass

100% service-connected disabled veterans get free access and camping at Idaho State Parks.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Resident disabled veterans may be eligible for reduced fees for licenses and tags.

Nonresident disabled veterans with a VA disability rating of at least 40 percent are eligible for nonresident DAV reduced fees for licenses and tags. 

Idaho State Veterans Cemetery

The Idaho State Veterans Cemetery is located adjacent to the Dry Creek Cemetery in Northwest Boise. The eligibility requirements for burial at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery follow the National Veterans Cemetery eligibility requirements and Idaho law. There is no requirement to be a resident of the state of Idaho.

Visit the Idaho Division of Veterans Services website for more information on any of these programs.

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