District of Columbia Veterans' Benefits

DC, flag, District of Columbia
DC, flag, District of Columbia

The District of Columbia provides several veteran benefits. This page offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

DC Veteran Housing Benefits

Armed Forces Retirement Home
A retirement community for enlisted military retirees and Veterans. It is open to veterans who served for a minimum of twenty years and at least one-half of their service was not active commissioned service (other than as a warrant officer or limited-duty officer), are eligible to become residents of the Retirement Home. Disabled veterans may have special eligibility, married couples are welcome, but both must be eligible for residency. Applicants must be free of drug, alcohol, and psychiatric problems, and have never been convicted of a felony. At time of admission, applicants must be able to live independently; however, if increased health care is needed after admission, assisted living and long term care are available.

Fees apply.

Property Tax Exemption
When a property owner turns 65 years of age or older, or when he or she is disabled, he or she may file an application immediately for disabled or senior citizen property tax relief. This benefit reduces a qualified property owner's property tax by 50 percent. If the property owner lives in a cooperative housing association, the cooperative will supply and collect the applications.

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DC Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Tax On Retired Military Pay
Up to $3,000 of military retirement pay is exempt from District Individual Income Tax for individuals 62 or older.

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DC Veterans Employment Benefits

State Veterans Employment Preference
Veterans preference credits are restricted to initial appointments with the District government, or new appointments following a break in service, except for reduction-in-force purposes. The District offers 5-point and 10-point Veteran preference based on eligibility.
Eligibility: A Veteran, whose has more than 180 consecutive days active duty before October 14, 1976 -OR- any service during a time of war after October 15, 1976 and received an honorable or general discharge.

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DC Veteran Education Benefits

State Tuition Program
The DC National Guard Scholarship will reimburse members of the Army DC National Guard up to $1,500 per individual during any semester or quarter at an approved college, university or educational institution while monies are available. 

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DC Veteran Recreation Benefits

No-Cost Fishing License for Senior Citizens
Persons 65 years of age or older may fish in the District of Columbia without a fishing license.

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Other DC Veteran Benefits

Reduced Metro Fare Program for Veterans with Disabilities:
Veterans with at least 60% disability rating by the VA can qualify for reduced fares on Metrobus and Metrorail.

Visit the District of Columbia Mayor's Office of Veterans Affairs website for more information.

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