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The state of Delaware provides several veteran benefits. This page explains them.

Delaware State Veterans Home

The Delaware Veterans Home is open to veterans who were Delaware residents for at least three years prior to application, had at least 180 days active duty, were reserve/guard members eligible for retirement pay at 60, and require a nursing home level of care.

Delaware Veteran Financial Benefits

Pension Benefits for Paraplegic Veterans

A paraplegic veteran can receive a pension from the state of $3,000 per year. The veteran must file evidence with the that he/she is a paraplegic and fully disabled and the disability is a direct result of military service during wartime.

Retired Pay Income Tax

Persons under age 60 receiving pensions from employers, the US, the state or any subdivision thereof, may deduct up to $2,000 off of their adjusted gross income. For those 60 or older, the amount is $12,500.

Disabled Veteran Vehicle Tax Exemption

Any motor vehicle which has been adapted at government cost to assist a disabled veteran in using it is exempt from registration fees and inspection.

Delaware Veteran Employment Benefits

State Employment Veterans Preference

Veterans preference shall be provided to earned ratings with ten points granted to disabled veterans and five points granted to all other eligible veterans. Any preference points for which a veteran would qualify may be claimed by his or her unmarried widow, widower, spouse of a member of the armed forces who is POW or MIA, or spouse of a veteran who is totally disabled. 

License and Permits for Military Spouses

Professional Regulations will issue a six- month temporary occupational license, when required, to a military spouse relocating in Delaware. The temporary license will allow for the spouse to obtain employment in their discipline, pending application for endorsement or reciprocity. 

Delaware Education Benefits For Children Of Deceased Veterans

Children of military members who was killed while on active duty or who died from disease, wounds, injuries or disabilities arising or resulting from performance of duty as well as children of POW/MIA members are eligible for up to four years of free college. The college need not be in the state of Delaware.

The child must be between 16 - 24 years old and a resident of Delaware for at least three years prior to the date of application

Delaware Veteran Recreation Benefits

State Park Admission

Any active duty member or veteran with an honorable discharge, including members of the Delaware National Guard who live in the state and own a motor vehicle registered in Delaware gets a 50% discount on the annual fee for vehicle entrance to state parks and recreational areas.

Hunting, Trapping and Fishing License for Active Duty Military

Active duty members stationed in Delaware pay the resident rate for a license.

Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing License for Disabled Veterans

Veterans with a VA disability rating of 60% may obtain a no-fee license. 

Delaware State Veterans Cemetery

There are two state veterans cemeteries in Bear and Millsboro. 

Eligibility for burial is generally similar to burial requirements for a National Veterans Cemetery and include a residency requirement

Visit the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs website for more information about any of these programs.

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