Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Veteran Benefits

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The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico provides several veteran benefits. This page explains those benefits.

Puerto Rico Veteran Financial Benefits

Military Retirement Income Tax

Your military pension is taxed based on where you served. If you retired at 20 years and served 5 years in Puerto Rico and 15 years outside Puerto Rico then 2/3 of your retirement income would not be taxed in PR. However, this would be taxed federally. You may be able to deduct your federal tax from your PR tax.

All veterans are entitled to an additional personal exemption of $1,500. If married filing jointly and both spouses are veterans, the exemption is $3,000.

Veteran Property Tax Exemption

Veterans get a reduction of $5,000 in appraised value on their home.

Surviving spouses can also get this deduction.

Puerto Rico Veteran Employment Benefits

Veterans get preference for commonwealth jobs.

For more information see the Puerto Rico government's website. 

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