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The state of Alabama provides several veteran benefits. This page offers a brief description of each of those benefits.

Alabama State Veterans Homes

The State of Alabama has four veterans homes:

  1. The Bill Nichols State Veterans Home in Alexander City.
  2. The Floyd E. "Tut" Fann State Veterans Home in Huntsville.
  3. The William F. Green State Veterans Home in Bay Minette.
  4. The Col. Robert L Howard State Veterans Home in Pell City.

The state expects the planned Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie G. Adkins State Veterans Home in Enterprise to be complete in 2024. 

There is a monthly fee for the veterans homes. You must have an honorable discharge and at least one day of wartime service to qualify for admittance. 

Alabama Tax Benefits For Veterans

Property Tax for Homes of Totally Disabled Persons Over Age 65

Any Alabama resident is exempt from ad valorem taxes on their home and an adjacent 160 acres of land if they are permanently and totally disabled or 65 years of age or older. There is no income limitation.

Property Tax for VA Specially Adapted Houses

Any veteran who has a home that was acquired under the VA's specially adapted housing grant is tax exempt as long as it is owned and occupied by the veteran or their surviving spouse.

Income Tax

All U.S. active combat pay, military retirement pay and Survivor Benefit Program payments are exempt from any Alabama state, county or municipal income tax.

Motor Vehicle Paid for by VA Grant

Any disabled veteran who owns a vehicle which was paid for by the VA will pay no license fees or ad valorem taxes on it.

Alabama Veteran Employment Benefits

State Employment

All honorably discharged veterans can have five points added to any state employment examination scores. Those with a VA service-connected disability will get 10 points added to their score.

Spouses and surviving spouses of certain disabled or deceased veterans can have the 10-point preference extended to them and added to any test scores.

Veterans also get preference over non-veterans with the same ratings on the classified service employment registers.

Alabama Veteran Education Benefits

Tuition Waiver for Purple Heart Medal Recipients

Purple Heart recipients may be eligible for free education at Alabama public institutions of higher learning including two-year and four-year technical colleges, community colleges, and junior colleges. Check with your school to see if it participates in the program.

Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship Program

The state of Alabama will waive up to $250 per semester hour and $1,000 for books each semester at any Alabama institution of higher learning including two-year and four-year technical colleges, community colleges, and junior colleges.

Any dependent child under 26 whose parent is, or was, an Alabama resident veteran with a VA disability of at least 40% may qualify for up to five years of benefits (those whose parent has a VA disability of at least 20% may qualify through July 2023 if the VA rating was before July 31, 2017.)

Spouses or un-remarried surviving spouses of veterans rated 100% permanently and totally disabled can also get five years of benefits. Spouses and un-remarried surviving spouses of veterans rated 20-90% disabled can get three years of benefits.

The veteran must have had an honorable discharge and at least 90 continuous days of military service. There is a residency requirement.

Alabama National Guard Education Assistance Program (ANGEAP)

The Alabama National Guard Education Assistance Program (ANGEAP) provides tuition assistance to eligible National Guard Service members. The maximum amount is $5,080 per semester for up to 120 credit hours. You can only be paid what costs you have after any federal GI Bill payments are made. Only tuition and fees are covered, not books or living expenses.

You must be over 17, active in the Alabama Guard, an Alabama resident, show financial need and maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average. Undergraduate degrees only.

Alabama Veteran Recreation Benefits

State Parks

Active duty and honorably discharged veterans who are residents of Alabama are granted free admission to state parks.

Discounted Fishing License

Alabama resident veterans who are at least 20% disabled can get a discounted freshwater fishing license.

Disabled Veteran Special Hunting License

A special hunting license is available to 100% service-connected veterans at a cost of $2 plus the applicable issuance fee.

A special hunting license is available to 50% service-connected veterans at half of the usual cost plus the applicable issuance fee.

Non-Resident Licenses

Active duty members stationed in Alabama or neighboring states as well as their families pay the in-state license rates.

Retired Military Pistol Permit

A pistol permit is available for free to individuals who are otherwise eligible for a pistol permit and who retired from active duty, the Reserves, or the National Guard.

Alabama State Veterans Cemetery

The Alabama State Veterans Cemetery is located in Spanish Fort. Eligibility for interment in the State Veterans Cemetery follows National Cemetery Administration eligibility requirements.

In general, veterans discharged under conditions other than dishonorable and their spouses and dependent children are eligible. Residency requirements exist. 

For spouses or dependent children, a fee will be charged on the day of interment. For veterans, there is no cost. Spouses remain eligible even if they remarry.

Visit the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs website for more information on any of these programs.

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