VR&E - Non-Paid Work Experience

Air Force Maintenance Technician

It's the age old dilemma - you need experience to get a job; but you can't get experience without having a job.

The VA's Non-Paid Work Experience (NPWE) program was created to solve this very issue. It provides eligible veterans the opportunity to obtain training and practical job experience at the same time, without costing an employer any money.

This program is ideal for veterans who have a clearly established career goal, and who learn easily in a hands-on environment.  This program is also well suited to veterans who are having difficulties obtaining employment due to lack of work experience. 

NPWE programs may be established by federal, state, or local government agencies only. NPWE employees are entitled to a monthly subsistence allowance from the VA.

The program is great for employers, they have no associated costs with hiring a veteran. The employer does not pay a salary to the veteran.  The VA provides a monthly subsistence allowance paid directly to the veteran. 

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