VA Benefit Timelines

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Did you know that many of your VA benefits have an expiration date? If not, you are not alone. Most veterans are unaware of all their benefits, let alone that many of them can expire. Here are some quick examples of common VA benefits that have critical time limits.

VA Benefit Time Limit
Post-9/11 GI Bill:
The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides education and training, benefits to eligible veterans and their dependents
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15 years from date of last discharge or release from active duty if you entered active duty before Jan. 1, 2013, if you entered after that date there is no expiration date.
Servicemember's Group Life Insurance may be converted to Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI), a 5-year term policy, renewable for life.
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Within 120 days of separation.
Dental Treatment:
Veterans may receive one-time dental treatment who were not provided dental examination or treatment within 90 days of discharge or separation from service.
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Within 180 days of separation.
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment:
This is an employment oriented program for veterans with service-connected disabilities that offers services and assistance to help prepare for, find and keep suitable employment.
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Generally, 12 years of separation from service or within 12 years of compensable service-connected VA disability award.
VA Home Loan:
The VA Home Loan Guarantee Program offers Veterans the chance to purchase a home at a low interest rate without the need of a down payment.
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No Time Limit

Although these deadlines are generally set in stone, the VA has provisions to waive them if you have a legitmate reason for not applying before the given deadlines. These may include health and disability issues. However the VA will not waive a time limit for not knowing the deadline for your benefits. 

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