Is My Specially-Adapted Vehicle Exempt from Taxes?


Dear Sgt. Shaft,

My husband and I live in New Hanover County in NC. I am hoping you can shed some light on this situation. My husband was a Marine and now has ALS. He has a specially adapted vehicle paid for with the two grants the VA offers for the van itself and the adaptation.

I am aware of this benefit: "Certain Vehicles. A motor vehicle owned by a disabled veteran that is altered with special equipment to accommodate a service-connected disability. As used in this section, disabled veteran means a person as defined in 38 U.S.C. § 101(2) who is entitled to special automotive equipment for a service-connected disability."

When we lived in Durham County in NC his van was exempt from taxes. Now that we live in New Hanover County NC he received a tax bill for the van. I called the tax office and the woman said "honey, there are no exceptions for veterans and vehicles, you must mean something the DMV gives you". She means the disabled veteran plate that he doesn't have to pay for. She made me so angry with her condescending tone that I'm not letting it go until I exhaust this issue.

My question - is the vehicle exemption benefit a statute in NC that applies to all counties? Or does each county have the right to make their own tax law regarding this exemption? If so does this mean they don't have to offer one.

I called the state veteran office and she had no idea. I called the VSO in this area and he had no idea. Other than seeing this listed a state benefit I can find no clear law regarding it.

Before I reach out to county legislators and the tax king (administrator) I am trying to get my Ps & Qs together so any information you can send me is greatly appreciated.

Mrs. W New Hanover County, NC

Dear Mrs. W,

I referred your missive to those in the know at the Department of Veterans Affairs and they responded as follows:

"We called Mrs. Ward in response to her inquiry. The Veteran is seeking property tax relief for his vehicle, which has been adapted with special equipment to accommodate a service-connected disability.

"Mrs. Ward indicated that after she visited the tax aministrators office, her problem has been resolved. The tax bill on the van has been exempted.

"I asked Mrs. Ward to call me in the future if she needs assistance."

Shaft Notes

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