Maintenance Drug Prescriptions With Tricare

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Tricare requires that you fill all "maintenance drugs" through home delivery or at military pharmacies. Maintenance drugs are those you use on a regular basis for chronic health conditions like high cholesterol or blood pressure. These do not include medications needed for a sudden illness or infection.

Tricare Pharmacy Rule for Maintenance Drugs

You must refill most maintenance drugs through home delivery via Tricare's home-delivery pharmacy, Express Scripts, or at a military pharmacy. This doesn't apply to active duty service members.

When you get a prescription for a drug on the select maintenance drug list you can fill it up to twice at a network pharmacy, after that, you need to switch it to home delivery or to a military pharmacy. If you continue to fill your prescription at a network pharmacy, you'll pay the full cost.

Exceptions to the Rule

If you use generic maintenance drugs you are exempt from this rule, you can continue to fill your prescriptions at a network pharmacy.

If you live overseas you are not required to use the mail-order pharmacy. this requirement only applies to prescriptions filled in the U.S. and its territories.

Tricare and Express Scripts also provide waivers in individual cases due to:

  • Emergencies
  • Personal needs
  • Special circumstances, such as living in a nursing home

See the Tricare Website for more information.

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