Tricare Prime Remote Overseas

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Tricare Prime Remote Overseas is offered in designated remote overseas locations for active duty members and command-sponsored dependents. If you're on active duty service you have to enroll in Tricare Prime Remote Overseas where its available.

There are no enrollment fees for the program.

What You Pay

You pay no enrollment fees, no copayments for any type of care as long as care is received from your PCM or with a referral,  if you receive care without a referral you may pay point-of-service fees.

Getting care

You get most of your routine care from your PCM or primary care provider. Your PCM will refer you to a specialist if necessary. 

If you do not have an assigned PCM, International SOS will assist you in arranging and managing your health care needs. 

If you get routine care without a referral from your PCM or the Tricare Overseas Regional Call Center, you will use the Point of Service option, resulting in higher out-of-pocket costs. 

If specialty or diagnostic services aren’t available locally, you may need to travel to get care. In this case Tricare will contact your service branch to coordinate medical temporary duty (TDY) to a military hospital or clinic or the nearest available provider.

For more information

Check out Tricare's Prime Remote Overseas page, or our Tricare Overseas Service Centers page.

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