Not Authorized Patient Care List


By U.S. Code section 1077, the following types of health care are NOT provided for dependents:

  • Domiciliary or custodial care.
  • Orthopedic footwear and spectacles, except that, outside of the United States and at stations inside the United States where adequate civilian facilities are unavailable, such items may be sold to dependents at cost to the United States.
  • The elective correction of minor dermatological blemishes and marks or minor anatomical anomalies.

In general, your condition must be "medically significant", i.e. not purely for cosmetic or personal reasons. In some cases, you may be required to prove your need for care by a doctor's/dentist's/physicians recommendation.

Under U.S. Code 1079: "Any service or supply which is not medically or psychologically necessary to prevent, diagnose, or treat a mental or physical illness, injury, or bodily malfunction as assessed or diagnosed by a physician, dentist, clinical psychologist, certified marriage and family therapist, optometrist, podiatrist, certified nurse-midwife, certified nurse practitioner, or certified clinical social worker, as appropriate, may not be provided..."

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