Tricare Retired Reserve Coverage

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The Tricare Retired Reserve program offers quality health insurance to retired reservists, guard members, and their families. Tricare Retired Reserve is a premium-based insurance which offers discounted and free medical care, however there are some limitations and deductibles. 

Tricare Retired Reserve is minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act


By law there is no government subsidy, so you must pay the full premium for this plan. The 2023 monthly premiums are:

  • Member Only: $585.24
  • Member Plus Family: $1,406.22

You can pay the initial premium with check, money order, or debit/credit card. From then on out, all payments must be made by bank transfer (EFT), or recurring payment from a debit/credit card. All payments are made directly to the regional contractor. 


There is also a deductible amount for this program. The deductible is what you must pay out-of-pocket before the insurance begins paying anything. The current annual deductible is $158 per individual or $317 per family for network service and $317 individual or $634 family non-network.

Cost Share and Co-pay 

Under the Tricare Retired Reserve program you will have cost share (co-pay) for certain procedures, this means that you will have to pay for a portion of the treatment out-of-pocket. This table shows some of the 2023 cost share percentages (2024 percentages had not been posted to the Tricare website at press time):

2023 Tricare Retired Reserve Cost-Shares
Type of Care Network Non-Network
Outpatient Visit

$26 Primary Care

$42 Specialist

25% of the allowable charge
Ambulance   $63 25% of the allowable charge
Emergency Room $84 25% of the allowable charge
Hospitalization   $185 per stay 25% of the allowable charge

Catastrophic Cap

Your catastrophic cap is the maximum amount you pay each calendar year. For Tricare Retired Reserve, that amount is $3,703 per family in 2023.

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