Special Pay and Bonus Amounts for Dental Officers Announced for 2023

Dentist shows patient xray

Dentists are eligible for both contractual special pay bonuses and monthly special pays.

General Eligibility

Dental officers may be eligible for accession pay, incentive pay or a retention bonus depending on their dental specialty, the branch of the military they are in, whether they join the active or reserve forces, and how long they agree to join or remain in the military.

Accession Bonus (AB) for Dental Officers

Dentists who join the reserve corps are eligible for a maximum accession bonus of $35,000. 

Retention Pay for Dental Officers

Dental officers who agree to remain in the military for a set amount of time may be eligible for a retention bonus, this bonus varies by service, specialty, and length of time. The maximum retention bonus is $115,000.

Incentive Pay for Dental Officers

The maximum incentive pay for dental officers is $55,000 annually.

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