Navy Officer Nuclear Career Bonuses


Navy officers selected for officer naval nuclear power training, for duty in connection with the supervision, operation, and maintenance of naval nuclear propulsion plants may be paid a bonus upon selection for training, graduation from training, and each year thereafter.

Nuclear Accession Bonus Program

An accession bonus of $15,000 is paid to officers selected for nuclear propulsion training. Upon successful completion of the nuclear propulsion training program, officers receive a bonus of $2,000. If they don't complete the program, the bonus must be repaid.

Nuclear Officer Continuation Bonus

URL officers with less than 24 years service who are serving in a qualified nuclear billet are authorized up to $35,000 annually when they agree to an additional 3 - 7 years active duty service.

Nuclear Officer Bonus And Incentive Pay

This bonus is paid annually to nuclear-qualified officers who have completed their initial service requirement, including all nuclear-trained and nuclear-qualified limited duty officers (LDO) and chief warrant officers (CWO), who remain on active duty for a specified period. Only officers in pay grades W-2 through W-5 and O-1 through O-6 are eligible for AIB. Officers serving in a period of obligated service associated with a COPAY contract authorized by reference (a) are not eligible for AIB during that period of their obligated service. Currently, the bonus can be as high as $22,000 annually.


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