Career Enlisted Flyer Incentive Pay


If you are deemed a "Career Enlisted Flyer" by your service branch, you may be eligible for Career Enlisted Flyer Incentive Pay (CEFIP).

Operational Flying Duty Requirements

An eligible Navy or Air Force career enlisted flyer must perform operational flying duties for:

  • 6 of the first 10,
  • 9 of the first 15,
  • and 14 of the first 20 years of aviation service

to be eligible for continuous monthly incentive pay under this section.

Monthly Maximum Rates

The monthly rate of any career enlisted flyer incentive pay paid under this section to a member on active duty shall be prescribed by the Secretary concerned, but may not exceed the following:

Years of Navy or Air Force Aviation Service Maximum Monthly Rate
4 or less $150
Over 4 $225
Over 8 $350
Over 14 $400

Note: CEFIP is not transferable between services.  For example if you transfer from the Navy to another service you will not continue to receive CEFIP unless you qualify under the new branch's requirements.

Navy and Air Force Reservists may be eligible for CEFIP, but they earn incentive pay at 1/30 of that for active duty members.

The Air Force also offers Critical Skill Incentive Pay (CSIP) to qualified UAS operators or others in critical skill slots. 

Air Force CSIP Rates
Years of Service Monthly Rate
4 or less $225
Over 4 $350
Over 8 $500
Over 14 $600

The Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, do not currently offer career enlisted flight incentive pay.  Flight pay for these services is known as Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay, which  is paid as follows:


Rank Non-CFIP Monthly Flight Pay
E-9 $240
E-8 $240
E-7 $240
E-6 $215
E-5 $190
E-4 $165
E-3 $150
E-2 $150
E-1 $150

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