Retiree Pay Garnishment

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Just like active duty pay, your retired pay may be garnished to pay back debts for things like unpaid or overdue child support, alimony, taxes, bills, and other debts.

There are two types of garnishments: voluntary and involuntary. Usually, garnishments are involuntary and ordered by a court.

How Much Retired Military Pay May Be Garnished?

For commercial debts, up to 25% of retired disposable pay can be garnished.

The highest amount of alimony that can be garnished 50% of retired disposable pay. 

When there are both alimony and child support payments being made, the total amount being deducted from the member’s retirement check can’t exceed 65% of their disposable pay.

Disposable income is defined as gross pay minus:

  • Federal taxes
  • State taxes (under certain conditions)
  • Other amounts owed to the U.S.
  • SBP deductions

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