2024 Military CONUS COLA Rates

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The Department of Defense has announced the 2024 Continental United States (CONUS) Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) rates.

About 17,000 service members will receive a total of about $26 million in CONUS COLA payments in 2024, significantly more than in 2023, when about 5,000 troops received about $8 million.

CONUS COLA is different from Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) COLA, because CONUS COLA is a taxable pay rather than a non-taxable allowance. Also unlike OCONUS COLA, it changes only once each year, rather than monthly, and is based on cost of living rather than fluctuations in exchange rates between the U.S. dollar and foreign currencies.

CONUS COLA is paid to military members stationed in high-cost areas in the U.S. The rate varies by geographic location, rank, years of service and dependency status.

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CONUS COLA also differs from the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), because CONUS COLA factors in costs of living that are unrelated to housing costs. CONUS COLA can also be paid to service members living in base housing, in barracks or onboard ships.

2024 CONUS COLA Changes

In 2024, those living in certain high-cost cities or counties in New York, Virginia, Colorado, California and Oregon will begin to receive the CONUS COLA.

Base monthly payments range from $38 to $61 monthly for members with dependents and $25 to $47 monthly for those without dependents.

The following areas, with their COLA percentage multipliers, are eligible for CONUS COLA in 2024.


  • Fort Bragg, 1%
  • Los Angeles - 1%
  • Marin/Sonoma - 1%
  • Merced - 1%
  • Oakland - 1%
  • San Francisco - 3%
  • Santa Clara County - 1%


  • Gypsum - 1%


  • Long Island - 3%
  • New York City - 12%
  • Staten Island - 6%
  • Westchester County - 1%


  • Portland - 1%


  • Blackstone - 1%

Check out DoD's CONUS COLA calculator for details on your location.

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