VA Makes Changes To Benefits Delivery At Discharge Program

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VA is redesigning the Benefits Delivery at Discharge program effective October 1, 2017.

Active duty members using the program after October 1 must submit a disability claim to the VA at least 90 days before their date of discharge. Previously, members could submit a disability claim as early as 60 days prior to discharge to have it considered by the VA. Active duty members can submit a VA disability claim if they are within 180 days of discharge.

The VA's Benefits Delivery at Discharge program allows active duty members to file a VA disability claim before their discharge from active duty. The goal of the program is to begin paying eligible members VA disability payments within 90 days after discharge. 

In addition to modifying the Benefits Delivery at Discharge program, the VA will end the Quick Start program on October 1. The Quick Start program allowed servicemembers to submit a VA disability claim up until one day before their date of discharge to speed up disability payments.

The VA says that these changes will improve the Benefits Delivery at Discharge program by utilizing available resources more efficiently, and that "this extra time is needed to ensure medical exams can be conducted and evaluated, and claims rated prior to separation."

The VA hopes that under the new timeframe most members will be notified of their disability rating the day after they are discharged from the military.

Members can still submit their claim with 89 days or less before discharge, but these claims will be processed in the same manner as other disability claims. See our Tips for Filing a Disability claim page for more information.


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