Free Dental Care For Veterans June 25

A dentist and her dental assistant (Photo: Erik Christensen)
A dentist and her dental assistant (Photo: Erik Christensen)

Aspen Dental dentists and teams are pleased to bring free dental care to veterans nationwide once again on June 25. Nearly 400 Aspen Dental offices in 33 states will open their doors to serve veterans in their local communities as part of the Healthy Mouth Movement, a community giving initiative.

Nearly 150 million Americans didn't go to the dentist last year, and millions more live in communities where there is little or no access to care. Aspen Dental has made it their mission to provide much-needed dental care and education to those who need it most.The Aspen Dental MouthMobile is a fully-equipped dental office on wheels, which travels directly into places where care isn't available to provide free service and raise awareness on the importance of oral health. It has two fully-functioning treatment rooms as well as a digital X-ray unit and denture repair lab.

Advance appointments are required for dental service. Interested veterans should call 1-844-ASPEN-HMM to find a participating Aspen Dental office and schedule an appointment. Patients will not be charged for any services, nor will they be asked to show any proof of income or need. Patients will also not be required to prove that they are unable to afford care.

During appointments on June 25, volunteer dentists and teams will focus on treating the most urgent need of each veteran by providing free services – including fillings, extractions and basic denture repair – to help get them out of dental pain, make them aware of what other dental needs they have, and connect them with free or low-cost resources in their community that will help them continue to address their dental care needs.

In 2015, nearly 300 Aspen Dental practices were honored to treated more than 3,500 veterans in one single day of care in June, resulting in nearly $2 million in donated dentistry.

Call Toll-Free To Make An Appointment: 844-ASPEN-HMM. For more information about the Healthy Mouth Movement or the Aspen Dental MouthMobile, visit their website.

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