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Why pay for tax preparation and filing software when you don't have to? Free tax preparation services are once again available to active duty members, retirees, veterans, and even their families.

Free Tax Preparation for Military Members

Military OneSource offers free online tax preparation and filing. This online software product is easy to use, and free technical assistance is available if you need it. If you have any personal tax-related questions you can call 800-342-9647 to talk with a Military OneSource tax consultant, or visit your nearest VITA location if you have tax questions.

Who Is Eligible For Free Tax Preparation?

The Military OneSource tax resources are available to members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and National Guard, as well as Coast Guardsmen serving under Title 10 authority.

Retired and honorably discharged members within 180 days of separation, as well as spouses, dependent children and survivors are also eligible. 

Why You Should Use Military OneSource

Tailored for military life, the MilTax program available from Military OneSource offers:

  • Secure and free tax preparation and e-filing software that’s designed to leave no military service tax deduction or credit unclaimed
  • Easy access to tax consultants with military expertise to answer your specific questions on military survivor tax forgiveness, filing extensions and more
  • Free in-person tax preparation and assistance through MilTax-approved Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offices
  • Quick access to other valuable services and resources such as financial counselors, helpful articles and online resources
  • Multiple, convenient ways to access MilTax benefits and resources.


Free Tax Preparation for Retirees and Veterans

Retirees can receive free tax advice and preparation assistance through Military Judge Advocate General (JAG) offices. See our Free Legal Assistance Page for more details.

Veterans who make $54,000 or less may receive free tax advice and preparation assistance through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. See the IRS website for more details

AARP offers free tax advice and preparation assistance to low and moderate income taxpayers, with special attention given to those 60 and older. See the AARP website for more details.

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