Marine Corps Offering Early Out In Time For Christmas

Marine dress blue lineup.

It isn't too often the military offers Christmas presents to servicemembers, but this year the Marine Corps is doing just that.

MARADMIN 569/15, released on November 12. gives local Commanders the authority to discharge or release from active duty those Marines who would normally be granted leave during the holiday season and whose Expiration of Active Service (EAS) will occur during the period 15 Dec 2015 through 5 Jan 2016, inclusive. 

This authority is limited to Marines permanently assigned in the 50 states, District of Columbia or in their area of residence in dependencies, trusts, territories, and commonwealths. Commanders are given the authority to grant early release from active duty not earlier than December 12, 2015.

Some factors that should be considered before requesting the early discharge are:

  1. In the event of future recall, Marines released under this MARADMIN will be considered as being in the same status as those who have completed their obligated period of active duty.
  2. Enlisted Marines separated under authority of this MARADMIN who are eligible on their normal EAS date may be awarded the Good Conduct Medal.
  3. Marines entitled to separation benefits are authorized those benefits if released under this MARADMIN.  As a reminder, eligible Marines and their family members desiring to retain Tricare prime upon separation are required to reenroll in Tricare.
  4. Aliens who would be released before completing 3 full years of service, as the result of this program, are reminded of the consequences of early release.
  5. Marines entitled to the GI Bill are reminded to consider the circumstances of being discharged early.   Marines who have transferred Post 9/11 GI Bill educational benefits are reminded of the consequences of failing to meet the additional obligated service requirements.  Those who do not fulfill their additional obligated agreements may be subject to collection by the VA.  Additionally, if the early release results in completion of less than 36 months Active Duty service, the Marine will not qualify for the 100% benefit level under Post 9/11 GI Bill, which will also result in their being ineligible to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Besides being applicable to only CONUS Marines, this MARADMIN is not applicable to:

  1. Marines on extensions of Active Duty.
  2. Marines on medical hold.
  3. Marines scheduled for transfer to the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve (FMCR) or retired list.
  4. Marines taking terminal leave.
  5. Marines who are indebted to the government (to include advance and excess leave).  Indebted Marines desiring early separation will be permitted to make accelerated repayment of their debts by increasing scheduled installment amounts and by making cash collections to repay their indebtedness.
  6. Marines being released under other HQMC directed early out programs, to include but not limited to education, Company Grade Early Out Program, Temporary Early Retirement Authority, Voluntary Separation Programs, Voluntary Enlisted Early Release Program, and Officer Voluntary Early Release Program.
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