Steve Beynon

Steve Beynon

Steve Beynon is a reporter for based out of the Washington, D.C., area whose detailed investigations have covered urgent issues impacting soldiers. He has an extensive background in covering senior military leadership conduct, the Pentagon’s recruiting struggles and extremist organizations.

An Afghanistan war veteran with more than a decade of experience as a cavalry scout, Steve brings unique expertise to his coverage. In 2023, he was recognized as one of the top veterans in journalism by Military Veterans in Journalism for his coverage of a church funding itself by bilking veterans out of their benefits, uncovering one of the largest scams ever targeting the military community.

He was part of a team of reporters who published landmark reporting on extremism, and how radical groups recruit service members and veterans and subsequent impacts on national security. That work was recognized in 2024 when the team received the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation award for distinguished reporting on national defense.

His work has appeared in Politico, Stars and Stripes, and Military Times. In his hometown of Cincinnati, Steve wrote for the Cincinnati Enquirer and Fox 19, where he covered local politics. He studied journalism and environmental policy at the University of Cincinnati.


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