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Movie Review: Lola Versus

Lola Versus is a conventionally unconventional romance in the modern mode, a comedy alternating between cute and crude and...

Movie Review: Fun Size

It's funny how the beloved movies of one's less politically correct youth turn out to have a lot more edge to them once you...

Movie Review: High School

The great curiosity of "High School," a "don't try this at home" comedy about stoners who drug their entire high school, is...

Movie Review: The Raven

The image of Edgar Allan Poe passed down to us is that of a dour, pale and morbid drunkard, a poet haunted by lovers who died...

Movie Review: Chimpanzee

Disney's 2012 movie offering for Earth Day is a gorgeous and technically dazzling look inside the world of chimpanzees -...

Movie Review: The Sweeney

"The Sweeney," based on the 1970s British TV show, is a down-and-dirty genre picture that manages a couple of passable car...

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