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Movie Review: Bullhead
Just when you think every possible variation on the mafia movie has been spun, along comes "Bullhead."
Movie Review: W.E.
They split in 2008, but apparently Madonna stayed married to director Guy Ritchie just long enough to absorb his most grating...
MOVIE REVIEW: Coriolanus
With great power comes great responsibility, but powerful men often make for lousy, irresponsible politicians.
Movie Review: Big Miracle
The success of last year's "Dolphin Tale"proved this theorem: Imperiled marine animals plus true-ish story plus workmanlike s...
Movie Review: A Separation
Some films wear their artistry so lightly they appear simply to be happening, the inner workings of the story guided by an un...
Movie Review: Headhunters
Swift, amoral and nicely unpredictable, a bloodier Norwegian variation on film noir from the '40s, the thriller"Headhunters"c...
Movie Review: 'Closed Circuit'
"Closed Circuit" is a slick British paranoia thriller about attorneys assigned to defend a Muslim terrorist accused of explod...
Movie Review: 'Red 2'
"Red 2," the in-one-eye, out-the-other sequel starring Bruce Willis, gets a PG-13 for its "pervasive action and violence."

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