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Choosing the Right Amplifier
You're faced with a lot of different choices when it comes to buying an amp, and it can seem overwhelming and confusing to a...
Making Sense of Amp Specs
When shopping for amplifiers, power per channel is just one specification or spec you'll want to scope out, if not the most i...
Pumping up the Volume
Power has an addictive quality. Whether in politics or car audio, the more power people get, the more they usually want.
Taking the Car Audio Plunge
For my money, there's no better place to listen to music than in a car. When you're listening at home, the phone always rings...
The Golden Age of Wireless
Satellite radio offers CD-quality sound and hundreds of commercial-free channels of music, news, sports, weather, traffic, an...
Carrying All Your Tunes
Bringing lots of tunes on the road with a CD changer and lots of bulky discs is now sooo twentieth century.
Where to Buy Audio Equipment
If you are going with a simple to moderate system, a big box store can be a good alternative to a specialty retailer. But if...

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