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Movie Review: Jack Reacher

"Jack Reacher" is clever, well-crafted and darkly humorous and features one of those effortless bad-ass performances from Tom...

Movie Review: Smashed

The title "Smashed" refers not so much to a nearly perpetual state of inebriation but rather to the way the wife finds her...

Movie Review: Albert Nobbs

The role of Albert Nobbs is one that's been near to Glenn Close's heart for a while. She first played it 30 years ago off...

Movie Review: Man on a Ledge

The so-called thriller "Man on a Ledge," about a disgraced cop who threatens to jump off a building to divert attention from...

Movie Review: The Croods

Cavemen - they're just like us! - or so "The Croods" seems to be saying with its familiar mix of generational clashes, coming...

Movie Review: Broken City

Every character in "Broken City" is either rotten to the core, or a liar, or a schemer, or the bearer of seriously damaging...

Movie Review: The Sessions

Given that it's based on the true story of a man with polio who spends most of his time in an iron lung, "The Sessions" is...

Movie Review: Haywire

A straight-up action picture may sound unusual coming from Steven Soderbergh, but as he has demonstrated repeatedly...

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