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Army Colonel Bob Dole

Maimed in battle, former presidential candidate championed cause of disabled throughout political career.

Maj. Gen. Benedict Arnold

Few Americans know why Benedict Arnold's name once shared the West Point chapel wall with heroes of the early American...

Col. Ethan Allen

Col. Ethan Allen, later of the Continental Army and Vermont Militia, may have originated guerrilla warfare in the 13 colonies...

2nd Lt. Vernon Baker

In accepting his Medal of Honor, Vernon Baker said: "As I look out, I don't see color. I see America. America, I love you."

Col. Charles Beckwith

Like the images of American eagles he collected, Col. Charles A. Beckwith often stood proud and alone.

Adm. John B. Hayes

Former Commandant Adm. John B. Hayes guided the Coast Guard through some turbulent waters.

Elijah Churchill

The decoration that would become known as the Purple Heart was awarded less than a year after Gen. George Washington designed...

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