Every Hero Sweats: Gillette Wants a Do-Over

Gillette has a cure for your hero sweat. (Gillette)

Gillette kicked off 2019 with a "toxic masculinity" ad that generated tons of online blowback, so now the company is hoping the military will come to its rescue with a new "Every Hero Sweats, Some Never Show It" campaign.

The company has partnered with Operation Homefront to donate $2.5 million (retail price) worth of products to military families in need. Operation Homefront is best known for providing financial assistance, transitional and permanent housing, and family support services to transitioning military members and their families. But who could say no to a basketful of personal-care products?

Gillette Deodorant will also "partner with service members and their families to share real-life stories on social media platforms about their own experiences. From the physical to the moral, they will provide guidance and share how in life you're going to sweat, but it doesn't have to show," the company said.

Here's hoping "partner" means "cutting them a check."

The spot features a transitioning military member and his family as he faces a job interview. Civilian job interviews are no joke for many men and women as they're leaving the service, and it's not really out of line to suggest that they might be feeling some pressure.

Does our hero get the job? Hard to tell, but he sure gets a warm welcome back at the house.

Of course, the outrage factory will be keen to point out that this commercial features a song by the noted Jamaican socialist Bob Marley, even if this is a particularly white version of "Three Little Birds" by pop singer Joshua Radin, best known for getting a bunch of songs used on "Scrubs."

If you were mad before, does this commercial (and charity campaign) improve your opinion of Gillette? Are you a hero? Do you actually sweat? If so, do you show it? Or does your antiperspirant do the trick? Let us know in the comments.

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