Sound Off: Did the President Just Salute a North Korean General?

(North Korea state media)

The above image is being widely circulated by American news media, who report that it's taken from a North Korean state media documentary on President Donald Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

See the video for yourself.

In the video, Trump offers to shake the general's hand. The general salutes the president. Trump salutes back.

Medal of Honor recipient Col. Jack Jacobs criticized the president's aides on NBC News, calling Trump's salute a "reflexive action." Jacobs said, "If I had been his military aide I would have told him, 'They're going to salute you, but don't return the salute, just move smartly down the line.'"

What do you make of this? Should the Leader of the Free World ever salute a foreign military figure? How do our Korean War veterans feel about image? Or do you think that (yet again) Trump's military veteran critics are making a big deal out of nothing? Sound Off!


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