9 Memes to Get You Hyped for the Space Force


Every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces has built up a solid supply of memes. Eventually, the Space Force will become the sixth branch. So, why not help the Space Force get started with a few memes of their own? After all, the branch itself has become one giant meme...

1. Trump announcing his plans for the branch was bittersweet. I mean, it’s awesome that he finally agrees, but...

...come on, "Space Force?"

2. Coasties have been around since 1790. They were probably salty about the Air Force getting immediate access into the Department of Defense. 

You know they'll be salty all over when the Space Corps gets in, too. (via Claw of Knowledge)

3. Their recruitment videos are going to be insane.

The desire to know more intensifies... (via Reddit)

4. There are sh*tty things in every branch. The Space Corps will be no exception.

I don't even want to imagine the hell that will be zero-gravity latrine cleaning... (via Ranger Up)

5. Not everyone is going to be an astronaut. And we’re probably not going to be fighting xenos any time soon. 

6. And even if you are an astronaut, there’ll still be downsides.

(via meme.cloud)

7. Enjoy claiming you were a Space Shuttle Door Gunner while it lasts. 

Soon, it'll be stolen valor.

8. Yeah, yeah… Not everyone loves the idea of the Space Corps as much as we do.

Space Corps. Space Corps. Space Corps! (Via Decelerate Your Life)

9. But it’s happening. It really is going to happen.

Pro tip: You can't.



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