WWII Freedom Flight: A Living History Lesson


WWII Freedom Flight is a partnership between American Airlines, the Fort Worth Airpower Foundation and the Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District called Freedom Flight. This unique project is creating a living history lesson to teach students of the next great generation the lessons of freedom paid for by members of the Greatest Generation. The highlight of this project features GSISD students escorting veterans of World War II from D/FW airport to the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.. They will make that trip on board a charter flight of American Airlines Flagship Freedom, one of AA's fleet of Yellow Ribbon Aircraft flying in support of all who serve in our military. Among the exciting opportunities for GCISD students will the competition to create the design for a special military challenge coin to be specially minted for this flight. This is an opportunity for the students to learn the lessons of WWII and the cost of defending our way of life from the very heroes who fought and survived wearing the cloth of this nation over half a century ago.

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