SAS Sniper 'Hopeful' About Gun Ruling

An SAS sniper jailed for illegally possessing a weapon and ammunition says he is "hopeful" of persuading the Court of Appeal to overturn his convictions. Sergeant Danny Nightingale, who has spent 11 years in Special Forces and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, was sentenced to 18 months in military custody after pleading guilty to illegally keeping a pistol. He had been given the weapon as a present by Iraqi forces he had been training, but had no recollection of owning it after suffering a brain injury. His sentence was cut to 12 months and suspended by the appeal court last November after a campaign by his wife Sally gathered huge public support for a man described by the appeal court judge as an "exemplary soldier". Sgt Nightingale pleaded guilty to the original offence in a military hearing because he says the judge there told him he would get a lesser punishment. Read more at v=tb4pe0nERSE