Joe Walker's Epic Flight in the X-15


This is a video of a typical X15 mission flown by Joseph A. Walker from taxi and liftoff under the wing of B-52 008, through launch over Nevada and landing on Rogers Lake at Dryden/Edwards, California. NASA High Range tracking stations at Beatty and Ely, Nevada provided track, telemetry, and communications for the flights. Walker was NASA's chief test pilot and flew 25 flights in the X-14. Walkers holds the fastest speed (basic aircraft) of 4,104 mph (Mach 6.06) on flight 1-30-51 and highest altitude record of 354,200 ft (67 miles) on flight 3-22-36. Walker was awarded astronaut wings from this flight. Walker was killed in a midair accident with the XB-70 near Barstow, CA.


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