Force Recon Reigns Supreme


Who doesn't love to see recon Marines jumping out of planes? Sgt. Collin Johansen talks about what it takes to conduct reconnaissance operations like parachuting. Force Company, 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion's Delta Detachment conducted its third field exercise from Feb. 18-21, 2014. A full day was spent on inserting by parachute before teams patrolled on foot over eight kilometers to their observation posts. Marines jumped twice in one day. The first jump without a combat load and the second with a full combat load. Loads weighed between 100-150lbs. and consisted of a weapon, rucksack, and load-bearing vest with ammo. After the insertion Marines observed enemy troops for three days and two nights to practice clandestine operations. Video by: Cpl. Austin Long and Lance Cpl. Joey Mendez

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