Yemen Terrorists Kill at Least 52

GRAPHIC: A suicide bomber and several gunmen launched an attack on the Yemeni defence ministry in the capital Sanaa on Thursday, killing at least 52 people and wounding at least 167 others, government sources said. At least 52 people have been killed in an attack on the ministry of defence and another 167 people were injured, Yemen's Higher Security Committee said Thursday. Many of the victims were doctors and nurses working at a military hospital inside the compound. Two Germans, two Vietnamese, two Filipinos and one Indian were among those killed, the security commission said. Soldiers and civilians were also among the dead. The US military increased its regional alert status following the attack, a senior US defence official said. In the most serious attack in the country in the past 18 months, a car laden with explosives first rammed the sprawling complex before gunmen stormed the compound, witnesses said. Read more at