'White Widow' Wrote Bin Laden Poem

22 October 2013 - The British terror suspect sought by police following the Nairobi shopping mall massacre wrote a poem in praise of Osama bin Laden in which she warned that al Qaeda is "stronger and fiercer" than ever. Samantha Lewthwaite - known as the "White Widow" - pledged to continue the fight to bring terror to the West and suggested she was prepared to be a martyr for the Islamic cause. In the 34-line Ode To Osama, which was found by police on a computer in her Kenyan home, Lewthwaite said her love for the mastermind of the September 11 attacks "is like no other". She lamented his death in 2011 at the hands of American special forces and called on Muslims to follow his example. "Us we are left to continue what you started," she wrote. "To seek the victory until we are martyred. To instill (sic) terror into kuffar (non-Muslims) ...Your life an example of how we should be. "Oh Muslims listen to our beloved sheik's words, Let not his struggle and efforts go unheard, Revive what he started and strive to success, Then maybe we can be raised with the best." Lewthwaite was married to July 7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay and lived with him in Buckinghamshire before the 2005 attacks. They had two children together. Last year it emerged she had left Britain for East Africa and had been linked to the al Qaeda terror group al Shabaab. Despite her sorrow at bin Laden's death, she warned the West - and US President Barack Obama - that the jihad was not over.