SAS Fails Mission in Libya


London, March 07 (QNA) News Report - The Special Air Service (SAS) failed operation in Libya has brought waves of criticism to English Prime Minister David Cameron. The group, which consisted of six members of the SAS and two of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), were escorting a junior British diplomat trying to make contact with anti-regime forces. The unit was immediately detained by rebel forces as soon as they reached Benghazi. "They made a big mistake coming with a helicopter in an open area," said former Libyan justice minister Mostafa Abdel Jalil. "I didn''t know how they were coming," replied British ambassador Richard Northern, highlighting a lack of planning on the government''s part as calls from London to Libya to free the group. The conversation was intercepted by Gaddafi forces and later broadcasted on state TV, adding more embarrassment to the English government.


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