1983 Hijacking of Northwest Orient 727


This smattering of news clips from 1983 comes from a home-recorded Betamax tape titled "International Hostage Situations." They come from KEZI, KOIN and KATU. It seemed to be a mix tape of hostage events collected by the original owner of the tape (I found it in a Goodwill in 2003.) I apologize for the premature ending of this clip. These news stories are about the 1983 hijacking of a Northwest Orient 727-200 by 20 year old Glen Tripp, a mentally handicapped man who demanded to be flown to Afghanistan. He was on parole for hijacking the same flight in 1980. He was thought to have been inspired by DB Cooper. http://www.nytimes.com/1983/01/22/us/fbi-tells-of-troubles-of-coast-jet…


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