Colombian Fighting Kiev's Government

A Colombian fighter who has joined the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's People (DNR/DPR) was spotted at a training facility in Vostok, Monday. Although the fighter speaks no Russian or English, he was busy conducting training drills involving AK-47s, rocket launchers and various military manoeuvres. The anonymous Colombian said he is happy to have joined the anti-Kiev fighters, adding he is an "anti-fascist fighter" opposed to the "putschist" government in Kiev. SOT, Colombian fighter (in Spanish): "I'm here because they are killing a population in a bestial way here. Fascist groups have joined the putschist government which did a coup d' etat in Ukraine and we are in favour of self-determination for the people of Donbass" -- SOT, Colombian fighter (in Spanish): "I'm almost always happy here, because everyday I learn a new thing: Russian, or how to call a dish, I have tried new food...I am very happy. I am also happy that I can help these people"

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